From the Port of Vibo Marina at 6.30 a.m. (How to get to the Port of Vibo Marina and Google Maps)

From the Port of Tropea at 7.45 a.m. . (How to get to the Port of Tropea and Google Maps)

Embarkation operations start 30 minutes before departure time.



Arrival to Stromboli Port Scari, around 9.30 am

1.30 stop to vist the little village of San Vincenzo, for shopping, have a swim or to walk on the famous volcanic black sand beaches.

Departure from Stromboli  at approximately 11.00 am

We coast Panarea and circumnavigation of Stromboli to admire the famous Sciara del fuoco (Stream of Fire)

 N.B. In case of unfavorable weather and sea conditions, the commander, for passenger safety, may decide not to pass the "Sciara del Fuoco"


Arrival at Lipari, port of Marina Corta, at about 12.30 pm

About a 2.30 hour stop. There are several activities that can be taken on the island: visit to the Archaeological Museum of Lipari (Timetable and fares of the Archaeological Museum of Lipari), a walk along the main street of the town, lunch in affiliated restaurants or delis, TOUR OF THE ISLAND by boat or bus. It is not recommended having a swim in the sea around the port, we suggest you to take a taxi  to reach the nearest beaches. For this reason we suggest to have a swim in the sea of the first and the last islands that are near the disembarkation port.

Scheduled departure at 3.00 pm heading to Stromboli


Arrival at Vulcano, Porto di levante, at about 3.15 pm

About a 1.30 hour stop. The town develops in front of the disembarkation point. At two minutes walk, you will find the famous Sulphur mud baths having appreciated therapeutic proprieties, the entrance price goes from €1 to €2, this depends if you want to take a shower afterwards. Five minutes walk from the porto di levante, instead there are the “Spiagge Nere” (black beaches) where you can take advantage for a swim. Info about Vulcano's Mud

Departure for Vulcano at about 4.45 pm



Scheduled arrival at departure point around 07.00/ 07.45 p.m.



The arrival and departure times to and from each island expressed on our website or on the flyers are to be considered INDICATIVE as they are subject to weather MARINE conditions, maritime traffic and provisions by the port authorities

The precise departure times are communicated only by the captain, or by the on-board guide, on the day of the excursion upon arrival near the islands



Around the port of departure there are unattended parkings

Where to Park in Tropea CLICK HERE 

Where to Park in Vibo Marina CLICK HERE


  • ANIMALS ON BOARD: it is possible to transport animals.

Pets on board CLICK HERE



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Departure shall be established at FAVOURABLE weather . Because the excursion will last about 12 hours, this company will try to get the vessel ship  going only under optimum marine weather conditions. If the trip is to  be postponed, it will be rearranged for the first date available .